Jameis Winston: Deal or No Deal?

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Okay, so there’s nothing like beating a dead horse, right? The Buccaneers have a franchise quarterback that most are not sure about. Jameis Winston was drafted to get Tampa Bay back to the playoffs. It has been an unbearable roller coaster ride for him since entering the NFL. Regardless this year will come with a tough decision. Will the Buccaneers show faith in Jameis by rewarding him with a new contract? Will they let him walk into free agency in 2020?

The Buccaneers need Jameis Winston to take a huge step in his development this year. He is an old school gun slinging type of quarterback. Just like Brett Favre, the gunslinger mentality makes you believe that any throw can be made. This leads to a ton of interceptions, which Jameis has thrown several. In fact, in the four years Winston’s been in the NFL he has tallied 58 interceptions. That is roughly 14.5 interceptions per season.

The Buccaneers quarterback is a fantastic football player, but has made some questionable decisions off the field during his tenure in Tampa Bay. He will continue to learn and fix mistakes that he has made in the past. The Buccaneers will continue to monitor his behavior during the rest of his tenure in Tampa.

It may sound like the Buccaneers need to move on from Winston, but I personally think the talent is there to be the guy in Tampa. During his first two seasons, Jameis lit up the Tampa sky with his aerial attacks. He threw for 8, 132 yards with 50 touchdowns. The only quarterback to have a better first two seasons in NFL history was Andrew Luck. In his career, Jameis has surpassed the 14,000-yard marker. GM Jason Licht continues to surround him with big-bodied weapons that can catch anything. If Jameis can stay on the field and out of bad press clippings, I believe that Tampa will find themselves back in the playoffs.

Leadership, Charisma, and Athletic Ability are qualities that embody Jameis Winston. I have never heard a teammate talk negatively about our quarterback. He has the respect of his teammates, fans, and organization. He will also have Arians and Leftwich there to help develop him. The time is now to strike tip with him because of the possibility he puts up huge numbers in 2019. We shall see what happens for the Buccaneers.

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