Where Does Vernon Hargreaves Fit in This New defense?

Published by Tyler Lopez on

Vernon Hargreaves has had a roller coaster career up to this point. There’s been some good, and there’s been some bad, but he certainly has not lived up to his 1st round draft pick expectations just yet. Could he benefit from this new defensive scheme under Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles?

Todd Bowles stated in his introductory press conference in Tampa that we could expect an aggressive defense; this could be a huge benefit to Vernon as he’s more of a physical press corner. Most of his success in college at Florida came from a press, bump and run scheme which is very similar to what Bowles has run in previous seasons; this should allow VH3 to play a little more to his strength and get his hands on the receivers to disrupt their route timing.

Bowles has also been on record saying he will play to his player’s strengths. With that being said, it’s uncertain if the Bucs will line Hargreaves up as an outside CB, or in the nickel. He certainly saw a lot more success in the NFL at nickel as opposed to the outside, however, in a new, more aggressive scheme, I can see Vernon being a solid outside CB for the Bucs this coming season. Coaching makes a difference, and I could definitely see VH3 reaping the benefits of a new defensive system.

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