Bucs Interested in Multiple Free agents

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The free agency is in full swing right now and man are things getting interesting. Aside from the Bucs being considered lead candidates, along with the Giants, as a landing spot for DE Markus golden and the Buccaneers having been rumored to be interested in RB duke Johnson, it seems that now, the Buccaneers have a solid interest in RB Isaiah Crowell.

According to Mark Cook of the Pewter Report the Buccaneers are mildly interested in RB TJ yeldon, and are barely interested in Golden, but do have a real interest in former Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon. I’d take Cook at his word.

For me, having Mike Glennon return to Tampa would be a great thing and would give us a proven, capable backup quarterback.

Crowell would be a great addition to this football team, as he is a strong, shifty runner, and greatin the red zone.

Crowell was signed by the Browns as an undrafted free agent in 2014 and spent the next four seasons with them  before joining the New York Jets in 2018.

Over Crowell’s career he’s played in 77 games, starting in 51, recording 3,803-yards on 880 attempts, and 27 TDs. Crowell can also catch the football out of the back field having caught 117 passes on 159 for 992-yards. Pretty solid given who had been throwing the football to him.


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