Spence to Have Resurgence of Career in Bowles New Scheme?

Published by kyle Riddle on

When the Buccaneers drafted Noah Spence, they knew he was a bit undersized for his position, but they couldn’t pass up on arguably the best edge rusher in the draft at that time. His rookie year showed promise when he put up 5.5 sacks, however, since then Spence has done very little.

Now it’s Todd Bowles defense, and he has made no secret of his thoughts to switch to a one-gap 3-4 defense. The move could mean a position change for Spence to linebacker and maybe the chance to resurrect his career.

In Bowles’ defense, Spence will most likely play a pass rushing OLB. At ROLB Spence will be able to use his speed and athleticism to rush the passer, which is something he simply can’t do with his hand in the dirt.

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