Kwon Staying in Tampa?

Published by Tyler Lopez on

With free agency rapidly approaching, the Bucs have a big decision to make on Kwon Alexander. It has already been reported that the Bucs intend to keep Gerald McCoy and Donovan Smith, so cap space will be tight. But even if Tampa can figure out the financial situation, does Kwon even have interest staying in Tampa?

The answer is, absolutely, yes!

Kwon sat with WDAE radio station to discuss his pending free agency. During the show, he expressed his love for Tampa, and how he would like to stay in the city that drafted him.

Although unlikely, Kwon’s high praise for Tampa may be able to help drop his price point for a potential re-signing. Whatever the case may be, the Bucs will inevitably have to move some pieces around if they are truly dead set on a Kwon Alexander return in 2019.

I guess we will have to wait to see what the free agency will bring.

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