There’s a Fear That Kendell Beckwith’s Injury Could Be Career-Ending.

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Bucs GM Jason Licht was asked at the combine about the status of Kendell Beckwith and his replied,

“I don’t want to give anything definitive right now, that’ll be coming shortly in the next month or two we will know a little bit more.”

So basically, they really have no true idea as to what Beckwith’s status is going to be other than that he is still rehabbing.

Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report is on hand at the combine and according to him, they whispers pertaining to Beckwith isn’t good.

“The news isn’t optimistic about Beckwith being able to play in 2019 just yet, either. The team even has some concerns that Beckwith’s injury might be career-ending, although they are holding out hope that something in his recovery will change for the better this offseason.”

Pewter Report mocked Tampa taking LSU linebacker Devin White with the 5th pick and considering the fact that Beckwith’s condition is still in limbo and Kwon Alexander possibly heading to the free agency, although, Licht did mention that the Buccaneers value Kwon Alexander, but they have to work out exactly what that value is. The Bucs want to keep the “heart and soul” of their defense, but they just have to figure out a price.

Either way, Pewter Report may just be onto something as Devin White is one of the best linebackers in the nation and is a rare talent that could wind up being one of the best linebacker talents seen in the league in years.

Kendell Beckwith was injured in a car crash back in April, of 2018. He missed the entire season on IR and ultimately needed corrective surgery for an ankle break. It is feared that the injury could be a career-ending event.


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