Rumor Has it That DeSean Jackson is Unwilling to Take Pay Cut and Could Be Free Agent.

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According to Fansided, their source has said that DeSean Jackson is not willing to take a pay cut and will likely be a free agent in the coming months. However, according to Ian Rapoport via Bucs Nation,

“It’ll be interesting to see what happens from like, a business sense. It’s actually more what it is. Is he going to end up playing for ten million? He definitely has value. You definitely like a home-run hitter in that offense. Anyone who could convince him that it would be beneficial to him, it would be Bruce Arians.”

David Harrison went on to point out that “Earlier this week at the combine, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was asked about his meeting with DeSean Jackson and stated it had gone well from his point of view, but that we’d have to ask Jackson himself if it went well for him. When asked if he knew anything further about the conversation, Rapoport said it went well and that part of Jackson’s problem was in fact related to cohesion with Jameis Winston. He also mentioned, however, that Arians may be able to fix the issues if given the opportunity.”

Considering that there had been connection issues between Jackson and Winston that were more than obvious, one would have to be led to believe that Jackson could be released as he would be unwilling to take a pay cut. However as Dave Harrison pointed out,

“Arians has stated he wanted to work with Jackson and looks forward to doing so. If Jason Licht and the Glazer family trust in Arians as much as they’ve stated publicly, then it definitely appears likely Jackson will be back if the business side of things gets cleared up. It’s been mentioned before Licht doesn’t like asking players to take pay cuts, but we’ve all done things we don’t like to do when it served the greater good.”

My main curiosity in all of this; is why cut a player and lose any chance at a potential trade? Jackson has value, and if he is cut, he would likely be picked up by another team in a matter of days; maybe even hours.

Either way, things are going to continue to heat up around the rumor mill as free agency fastly approaches. It’s that time of year again, and murmurs and rumors always begin to rear their head during the Scouting Combine.

Looking through Jackson’s social media pages, which are normally a place where he normally wears his heart on his sleeve, there’s not much to go on that implies how he feels other than an Instagram post where he states, “don’t correct my grammar ain’t no cap N my game.” It would be quite the stretch to interpret that as anything to do with the team, but still can be. Aside from that not much more to go on other than posts on his official Twitter page which seem to be Jackson self-promoting. Perhaps in an attempt to be courted by teams early.

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