Seriously? Lavonte David is not getting cut.

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Cap casualties happen on each team, each year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a bit of a crunch when it comes to cap space, as before, cutting Vinny Curry the Bucs had only $8 million to work with. Now with $16 million, the Bucs will continue to look to trim the fat to retain more cap space to try and resign WR Adam Humphries and LB Kwon Alexander and revamp their defense under new DC Todd Bowles.

Some familiar names were thrown into the rumor mill of possibly being cut such as William Gholston, Demar Dotson, Desean Jackson, and even Gerald McCoy, who is owed $13 million this season. Report of Gerald McCoy returning in red and pewter in 2019 has some fans’ feathers ruffled as some don’t think McCoy should come back and are now questioning who else could be cut. One name was brought up that shouldn’t have, and that’s LB Lavonte David.

Lavonte David? All-Pro AND Pro Bowl Linebacker, Lavonte David? The same David, who has had 100+ tackles in 6 of his 7 years? Who has nearly 900 tackles and 20+ sacks?

This was brought up by Tom Krasniqi, host of pre and post-game shows on radio 620 WDAE and 95.3FM in a tweet that said: “Something BIG is brewing on the Bucs, I think there could be an unpopular move coming… David or someone you don’t expect to get moved, watch out.”This wouldn’t be an “unpopular move.” No! It would be the worst mistake the Bucs could make as they may already be losing Kwon Alexander to free agency and a possible move to A 3-4 defense under new DC Todd Bowels. This could have been said due to the fact David is owed $9.75 million in 2019.

But he’s earned every penny.

David has been consistently one of if not the best player on the Bucs defense since entering the league in 2012. Yes, he’s 29 years old now, but has averaged over 140 tackles in four straight seasons. He’s earned the “C” on his jersey that stands for captain. He’s earned that title for 5 straight seasons. He’s among the NFL’S best in both linebackers and as a defensive player in general. David has played predominantly 4-3 in his career, but who says he can’t play 3-4? Bruce Arians has already made it adamant that he will play to his players’ strengths, so I expect a mixed, aggressive defensive approach, which David excels at. His speed and football IQ is ideal when sending in an LB blitz and to even drop into coverage.

Bruce Arians made it clear he would Not be rebuilding, but reloading, and with Kwon’s fate in Tampa murky, cutting Lavonte David would put the Bucs in shallow water with LB depth. Beckwith is still recovering from his ankle injury, Minter Is set to be a FA as well as Adarius Taylor. Simply does not make sense.

Seems as if the ridiculous rumor mill is starting early this year.

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