Cutting Dead Weight

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The Bucs have yet another coaches carousel, but this time they will need to get a new identity. There are players that have been here a long time and deserve better, and there are players that we need to upgrade and part ways with. The busy off-season for Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers will be an intriguing one. Not knowing for sure who they want to keep is a huge a mystery, unless you work on the inside. With Free Agency around the corner and the Buccaneers having their fair share of UFAs, the Buccaneers will have to sit down and plan on who to re-sign and who to let go.

I will compose a list of players that, in my opinion, will not be a Buccaneer’ next year.

Current players on contract for 2019:

DeSean Jackson: I think D-Jax is an obvious trade /cut scenario. He is a $10 million dollar problem that this team can’t afford to hold onto any longer. In my opinion, the rumors with BA trying to get him to come back are just to get someone to trade for him.

Gerald McCoy: I don’t want to get rid of McCoy because he’s, you know, Gerald McCoy; but if he won’t agree to a reconstruction of his contract, then more than likely he’s out the door. Rumors are already surfacing that could very well come to fruition.

Vinny Curry: When Curry was healthy and playing, he provided solid help in pressuring the quarterback, but with an $8 million cap hit, and being 30 years of age, his potential out clause in his contract provides us with a chance to get younger depth/save money.

Mitch Unrein: An easy one, he never saw the field last year, and may never see it again. Thankfully he too has a potential out clause written into his contract, and we can move on with no worries.

Demar Dotson: If the Bucs do indeed draft Jonah Williams, there will be no need for “Big Dot.”

Buccaneers Free Agents

Brent Grimes: The only way he comes back to the NFL, for any team, is if they throw him a lot of cash, which the Bucs obviously won’t. Plus his wife, Miko, basically said she would leave him if he returned to Tampa. However that was with last year’s staff, this new staff can change minds.

Chris Conte: If the Bucs can get a new starting caliber safety, then Conte shouldn’t be back with this regime.

Jacquizz Rodgers: During his time in Tampa, Rodgers served as a sustainable 3rd down back and pass catching back. Although, with the addition of a new RB this off-season, there would be no reason for him to be back.

Kevin Minter: He played in five games last season as an emergency LB. He had a few nice plays, but no expectation for him to be back.

Ryan Griffin: He’s been here for four seasons now, and in the NFL going on seven seasons, but has yet to play a single snap in the regular season. He was a player Koetter really liked, but will BA want to carry him on? Maybe not, but he can go as far as I’m concerned.

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