DeSean Jackson Says “We’ll see”

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It’s no secret that DeSean Jackson wanted out of Tampa. If you would have asked anyone if they saw Jackson returning to Tampa or being asked to return the answer would probably have been no. Bruce Arians, however, thought otherwise. Arians and Byron Leftwich both praise his deep threat ability and skill as a receiver. Arians made it known within the first week of him taking the job that he wanted Jackson back and has reached out to him to ask him to talk. So far, however, there have been no reports of Jackson returning his calls. When asked by TMZ if he had spoken to him Jackson said he hadn’t.

“That’s what I got an agent for bro,” Jackson said. “I don’t know I just go play bro. That’s all I worry about.”

So he’s probably not going to respond to Arians direct calls from the looks of things, but he’s still under contract. So if he wants to play and Licht and Arians don’t make the decision to release him, he could very well be back in Tampa next season. In the final words to Jackson in his TMZ interview “We’ll see.”

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