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“Hey! Hey! Tampa Bay”. Hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season and for our Week 17 match-up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faces former NFL MVP QB Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons (6-9) at Ray Jay in the team final game of the season. After the embarrassing loss to QB Dak Prescott and the NFC East Division Champion Dallas Cowboys, the Bucs now go into a match-up for a pride and the respect of the fans in their last home game. To recap last week loss against Dallas, after watching a strong defensive performance through most of the game keeping Dak and RB Ezekiel Elliott in check, The Bucs offense line showed its faltered state and watching Winston take some bad shots due to his offensive line once again which shows they are not effective and the running game wasn’t good either. They spotted Cowboys 14 pts due to two turnovers by bad O-Line play and the Cowboys just out-hustled and out-coached the Bucs out of the game reach winning 27-20.

For this last game of the season for the Buccaneers, they face a lot of uncertainty going into the 2019 season. I know they will want to go out on a positive note going into the off-season and knowing that they will only have seven home games next season and one game going over to London as part of the annual NFL International Series playing in front of the fans in jolly ole England. I know the team has had a lot of ups and downs this season and the Buccaneers need to give an all effort performance for this game. To give the fans a great show and to show them why not give up on them and gain some hope going into next season. Also, the players need to give there all because, after this game their careers could be on the line and they could be playing elsewhere or not being pickup at all and possibly playing in another football league.

For this week’s match-up, I am calling out of the Buccaneers offensive line against QB Matt Ryan for the Falcons.

The Buccaneers Offensive Line

This Buccaneers offensive line under the coaching of Coach George Warhop has been one of the most under-performing units in the NFL. This unit is among one of the worse in football according to Pro Football Focus with them ranking in the bottom half of their rankings. The fans clearly see that LT in Donovan Smith and RG Caleb Benenoch is among the worse right now in their positions currently. For Smith who is in a contract year he is projected to try to go in free agency and try to get top dollar due to his position but, due to the film on him I clearly don’t see him receiving top money by other teams I would say for Smith to stay in Tampa that he would need to look into changing positions or hopefully with a new voice in his ear that he can clean up his play and for Benenoch I can see him not being resigned by the Bucs and will be looking for a new home in the offseason.

Also, due to the needs in the offensive line I could see the Buccaneers looking to possibly draft a Left Tackle or try to sign one in free agency to help strengthen that position. Having a strong offensive line will provide whoever is behind Center a chance to bring the Bucs back into contention in 2019. Also, it would give the running game a boost since we have not had a 1,000 rusher since 2015 when former Bucs RB Doug Martin was in his contract year. That is something that Coach Warhop has clearly not improved in his time here as the Buccaneers Offensive Line coach and could be a coaching casualty on Black Monday the day after the NFL regular season.

Matt Ryan 11th Year Pro Quarterback 6’4 217lbs Boston College

Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan is having a very strong season despite the Atlanta Falcons record at 6-9 on this season which has been very disappointing due to many injuries and team turnover on the field. After signing his newly minted five-year extension for $150 million to stay in Atlanta. He has given the Falcons the long-term play caller as he hasn’t missed a game since 2009. Ryan currently is 4th in the NFL with 33 Touchdowns this season and will look to move up in the season finale against the Buccaneers. Additionally, he has produced his second-best season of his career with having 4,546 passing yards and those 33 TD’s.

According to FantasyPros fantasy football he is projected to have 20.9 points in fantasy football.

If you guys have any honorable mentions please let us know below.

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