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Its been a long season so far. Fans have been dreading each season.  


This is only a theory. In a world…. the Buccaneers have no head coach, there has to be someone out there to help save our franchise. Some fans still have faith in QB Jameis Winston. Some want our Defense to change into a 3-4 instead of always being in 4-3. Well if this happens, next year could be a new landscape for the Buccaneers.

Bruce Arians: 

This is the dream pairing for those who still have faith in Jameis Winston.  The two are very fond of each other. Here is what the two have said about each other:

“He really motivated me to go after a Super Bowl,” Winston said. “He showed me that Pittsburgh one (from when Arians was offensive coordinator with the Steelers, coincidentally won in Tampa after the 2008 season)… it was gorgeous, so he really inspired me to go after a Super Bowl.” – Jameis Winston (Credit: ESPN)

“He would be fun to coach, there’s no doubt about it, he’s a winner and a great leader and obviously a heck of a young quarterback….. ‘Jaboo’ is legend in Birmingham”               – Bruce Arians (Credit: ESPN)


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That is HUGE for a former HC to say about our QB. They have a past. Personally, I believe the Arians offense is built perfectly for Jameis Winston’s traits. Just look at Carson Palmer how he played his best career ball in his 30’s. I know Bruce has complete faith in Jameis.

 “I’ve known him a long time and I’m really proud of his growth. He’s just going to get better and better.” – Bruce Arians (Credit: TBT )  

Nonetheless, a Bruce Arians-Jameis Winston duo would be the best future pairing this team could ask for. What wonders OJ Howard could do in this offense. If Bruce Arians made Michael Floyd look like a pro bowler…. Mike Evans would go OFF in his offense. Period.

mike evans 2

PHOTO: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media 

Lets get another thing straight here…. His old Defensive Line coach is OUR current Defensive Line coach. Brentson Buckner. Yeah, can we say “Future DC yet?” Personally this is where i can see the Buccaneers switching into a 3-4 Defense. Imagine this, lets start at the line.

DL: Move Vita Vea to nose tackle. Boom. Move Gerald McCoy to base DE. Boom. Move Jason Pierre-Paul to OLB/Edge. Boom. Have Vinny Curry/Will Gholston to the other base DE spot. Boom. Then sign/draft new players in this scheme for the new regime. Boom

LB: This is where I start to drool. Remember that Patrick Willis and NaVarro Bowman combo a few years back? That combo was deadly. But do you know what would be lethal to QB’s? Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David as your MLB’s. That combo could be outstanding. Middle Linebacker could be set. We moved JPP to outside/edge. We now can use the other spot for a vet signing/draft spot.

CB: Now we need all the help we can get for this part. One thing that is positive is we know Bruce knows how to get proper coaching for defensive backs, his defensive schemes would make our DBs better. We have studs. Justin Evans, Vernon Hargreaves III, Carlton Davis lead a young core of the secondary. Also Tyrann Mathieu is a Free Agent again after the season. Maybe this is when we could finally lure him to Tampa. Mathieu did tweet this back in the spring:  

GM Jason Licht can save his job if he has complete cooperation with ownership to fire Koetter & co. After all, he used to work with Bruce when he was in Arizona a few years back. The Buccaneers need a new change in staff. It failed to reach the vision they intended it to be.


Jason Licht credits Bill Belichick and Cardinals GM Steve Keim as his mentors. (USATSI)

Currently the Buccaneers sit at 3-7. After starting 2-0, they have gone 1-7 since. They have fired former DC Mike Smith. They can’t pick a starting QB. Nobody knows who is calling the plays each week. The Defense is a bombshell every week by giving up 30+ points each game. Kickers are always missing. Players are not focused. Players are dancing while the team is down. Switch ups on Captains. They cannot stay consistent which is causing something bad internally within the organization. Signs are just pointing down for this team.

Personally, this is only a theory, Bruce Arians would be the best option for this team. Could Bruce Arians revive the career of Jameis Winston? Could Bruce Arians lead this team out of the dark? He did with Arizona. He coached Andrew Luck to become the Rookie of the Year.

Maybe this is who we need.




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