Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Wasted Talents

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL, and have had one for the past two seasons.

Coming into the game, The Bucs were the #1 ranked team in pass ypg with 356, 2nd in total ypg with 446.8 and 8th in points per game with 28.6

On Sunday against the Redskins, they ended up with 500 yards of total offense… and 3 points. THREE. Thanks to 6 trips into the red zone and 4 turnovers, one of the best offenses in the league was stopped cold.

How does this happen? A lot of it might have to do with the weapons the Bucs have not being used to their best ability.

For example, the Bucs have arguably the fastest guy in the NFL in Desean Jackson, who has made incredible plays in his career fielding punts.. whose only returned a handful this season. instead, they have Adam Humphries returning. Humphries isn’t bad, but Jackson’s speed is a game changer. He should be used on end arounds, tosses, and most importantly SLANT ROUTES.

I don’t believe there’s any CB in this league that can keep up with Jackson on a quick slant and the Bucs don’t take advantage of his speed. He’s been in on less than 50% of the Bucs offensive plays. Why? He’s the most explosive player you have and he’s no good if he’s not used.

Same could be said for 6’6 TE O.J Howard. Howard has the speed the size to be a mismatch against any and all DB’s, yet on Sunday he only had one catch for 15 yards. The Bucs toyed with a TE screen earlier in the season that would have went for 40+ yards if not called back for holding. Why shy away from that? Or why not call a shallow/deep crossing route? It’s hard to miss a 6’6 target let alone bring it down.

What about the other 6’5 TE Cameron Brate? Brate is coming of another good season where he caught 6 touchdowns and nearly 600 yards, yet he’s used very sparingly. He was Jameis go-to guy in the red zone last year. Where’s the double TE sets? Defenses can’t possibly cover 3 6’5 targets (Brate Evans Howard) at one time.

Chris Godwin and Adam Humphries are other big names that should be more involved. Godwin is in his sophomore season and has blossomed into a physical, sure handed WR1 type who is used more as a security blanket than a weapon. He’s got the speed and the size to punish the middle of the field and his stats show It.

He has 4 touchdown catches and and almost 500 receiving yards. Humphries could be used on returning kickoffs instead of Rodgers, as Humphries has experience in punts. He has speed and elusiveness as he returned a missed FG 108 yards in the preseason but hasn’t seen any action since.
The talent is ripe for the Bucs picking,the opportunities have not been.

The best offensive team in the league was held to 3 points on Sunday, so something with the offense needs to change at one buc place before this talent is deemed a waste.

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