Dirk Koetter, “I Had My Reasons”.

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After the blowout loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Dirk Koetter admitted to taking back playcalling duties which in turn put up a underwhelming 3 total points with 500 yards of offense. When asked why he took over calling responsibilities, he simply said “i have my

Are you kidding me?!
Coming into the game, The Bucs were the #1 ranked team in pass ypg with 356, 2nd in total ypg with 446.8 and 8th in points per game with 28.6. You don’t put up those kinds of numbers if your offense is broken.

The playcalling today was more than questionable. With more Quiz Rodgers in the game than we’ve seen all season, he put up 100 recieving yards which is remarkable as a non starter but..Why? Peyton Barber had 44 yards in the first half and ended up with only 61. The Redskins had rookie CBs and the deep ball was thrown far too little. The run game was all but abandoned. No screens with speedy WR.

This comes two weeks after a controversial call to go for a fake punt against Carolina down 2 scores. From the Bucs own 25. On 4th and ten IN THE SECOND QUARTER. That’s an entire half of football to play you’re telling your team you’ve given up. Much can be said about the last play of the half in this game. 20 seconds left and no timeouts, a play over the middle was called. The Redskins were playing such soft coverage that a play to the sidelines to save some time would have atleast given the Bucs a CHANCE at points.
It’s not like Dirk didn’t give up the playcalling for good reason. His playcalling was flat, one dimensional and predictable. Bubble screen with Humphries, toss plays to Barber on 3rd and long, short hitch throws. Todd Monken has out called Dirk in every way possible. Finding ways to get Desean Jackson the ball deep down the field. End arounds. RPO plays to get Barber and Oj Howard the ball.

The problem with the Bucs has been their defense and the numbers prove It. Being 31st in the league on pass defense isn’t going to win you games. It seems as if dirk is pulling out all the stops to save his job, but I hope he understands that when he’s let go the Buccaneers “had their reasons”.

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