Turning Point: Blown Out By Nobodies

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The Bucs got blown out by a team full of nobodies.

Now, I understand every man who makes a NFL roster has talent but if I told you the names of players on the starting offense for the Redskins, you’d scratch your head.

Mo Harris. Josh doctson…. who?

33 year old Adrian Peterson.
THREE offensive linemen who were sitting on their couches a week ago.

The Bucs spent $53 million dollars on a defensive line that only amassed 2 sacks Against an offensive line plucked off the street. Where is the pressure? Where are the blitz packages? The Bucs signed all these players to have just as much pressure as they did last season. There’s no defensive creativity. Lavonte David is one of the best linebackers in the league who had 18.5 sacks in his 6 year career. AS A LINEBACKER. Yet the Bucs got bullied all game long.
It wasn’t like the Bucs didn’t control the game. They held Alex smith to 178 yards an a TD. Adrain Peterson only had 68 rushing yards on his comeback season. The Redskins leading receiver had 52 yards. While Fitzpatrick had 406 yards 2 INT, Peyton Barber had 61 yards on 13 carries and the Bucs had TWO 100 yard receivers in Chris Godwin (103) and Quizz Rodgers (102) and they STILL blew it.

To add insult to injury, The Bucs gave the ball away 4 times in offense. Fitzpatrick continued to turn the ball over with 2 terrible INT’s, Demar Dotson wiffed on back to back plays resulting in Fitz getting hit and fumbling and Quizz Rodgers had the ball hammer fisted out of his arms into the end zone for a touchback.
The Buccaneers had almost 500 yards of offense and took 5 trips into the Redskins red zone only to come away with 3 total points. That’s inexcusable and down right embarrassing. This team continues to shoot itself in the foot, and it might be too late to fix it. The Bucs are now 3-6 and would need a miracle to salvage the season. So much for “win now mode” Dirk Koetter, who by the way, took back playcalling because he “has his reasons”


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