2018 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Quick Reaction: Alex Cappa

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In the 4th round of the 2018 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Alex Cappa, Offensive Lineman out of Humboldt St.

If you were curious, the College is located in Arcata, California and is Division 2. Cappa isn’t a small lineman either; this lumberjack comes in at 6’6”, 305 lbs, 32 5/8” arms, and 9 1/4” hands size.


  • Player that won’t stop on any play until that whistle is blown. He looks to dominate every play
  • His size I talked about above meets NFL criteria
  • Good athlete who is able to use different techniques smoothly
  • Can change of direction to equalize what the pass rusher does
  • Big punch off the line and looks to extinguish anyone coming at him


  • The competition he faced is definitely different than to the NFL so there are questions there
  • He’s sloppy and only relies on his pure talent
  • Tends to push out his hands later than he should which can easily allow him to lose a one on one
  • He struggles matching the speed of a pass rusher
  • Leans with his chest at times so veteran defenders can expose his balance issues


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