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Reminder: I’ve stated previously, mock drafts can have many of different purposes. We can use them to predict what we think will happen, what we want to happen or even, what should happen according to team needs. That being said, this mock is written from the two perspectives tied together, what I think will happen based on what player is available to the team picking and what information we have heard from around the league. For the sake of my sanity, I wont do trades in this mock though, I anticipate there will be several trades. With that said, here is how I think tonight plays out.

* Indicates the possibility of a trade down, trade back or guy who could be an option at that specific pick. Like I said, This mock wont have trades, but I’ll throw some scenarios down according to how my mock is playing out.

1. Cleveland Browns: QB – Sam Darnold – USC

This one is simple for me. The buzz that many have created could lead you to believe Josh Allen or even Mayfield, could go number one overall, but I think the Browns know better (I really hope so anyways). Darnold is the best quarterback in this draft to me. Statistically, he didn’t have the best year last year, but he is a humble, hard working guy by all reports. Its time for the Browns to give this franchise a face. I understand they traded for Tyrod Taylor, but in this stacked QB class, you take a quarterback that has the potential to be one of the best all around picks in this draft. Easiest choice all draft.

2. New York Giants: RB – Saquon Barkely – Penn St

This is where it gets sticky (took a whole pick before it did). There are reports out there that the Giants LOVE Barkely. I myself, think he is a fantastic prospect. People are overthinking him as a prospect. Fast, strong, smart and with great tape, the dude can flat out play football. The problem with this pick in my opinion, is the Giants have bigger needs. The offensive line wasn’t anything to write home about last year and Eli isn’t getting younger. Still, the Giants go Barkely because they love the guy. He definitely helps the offense, but if I’m the Giants, Quenton Nelson or QB should be a serious consideration.

3. New York Jets: QB – Josh Rosen – UCLA

I don’t think its a secret the Jets will go QB, the question is, which one? With Mayfield, Rosen, Allen and Jackson available, who will the New York media market salivate over? You could make the argument that its Mayfield, but how would the New York media feel about an outspoken guy like Josh Rosen? On top of that, Rosen may be the most polished passer in the draft. Rosen would give the Jets a buzz they haven’t had since Mark Sanchez took them to the playoffs. Even the hype for Mr. Buttfumble himself didn’t last long.

*Rosen and Mayfield could easily flip flop spots between the Broncos and Jets. Most link Mayfield to the Jets.

4. Cleveland Browns: DE – Bradley Chubb – NC State

Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb on opposite ends of each other is an insane thought. While I don’t think Chubb is anywhere near as polished as Garrett was, he is definitely the best pass rusher this draft. The Browns work on the pass rush in a pass driven league. This duo could wreak havoc in backfields for years to come. Take Chubb and continue to rebuild. With the trades they have made this year, they aren’t far from competing. I truly believe a haul of Darnold and Chubb in round one would be go a long way in getting them back into contention.

5. Denver Broncos: QB – Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma

This is a fun pick. Am I the only one who sees a little bit of Elway in Mayfield? Obviously not claiming Mayfield is on Elway’s level, but the comparison can definitely be made. I think Mayfield’s competitive spirit and drive will make him better than most think. The kid wins games, he can throw the ball and make plays with his feet. Broncos take the QB that can sit behind Keenum for a bit and be the eventual starter. Perfect situation for Mayfield as well, not thrust into a starting role. Have the young guy hold the clipboard for a year or two then trot him out there.

* Could see the Bills throwing some draft capital at the Broncos for Mayfield. If I’m the Broncos, why not? I got Keenum for a few years trade back and take Jackson or Allen let them sit behind Keenum.

6. Indianapolis Colts: OG – Quenton Nelson – Notre Dame

Close, but not close enough Bucs fans. The Colts elect to give protection to the franchise in Andrew Luck. If its not clear to them yet, Luck needs to be kept upright. When healthy, Luck has proven to be one of the better QB’s in the league, but they have to prioritize his protection. Nelson, in my opinion, is the best prospect in the draft as of right now. Take Nelson then use all three of your second round picks to work on the defensive side of the ball.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DB – Derwin James – FSU

I really wanted Nelson to fall, but as many have said throughout the offseason, Licht has put us in an excellent position come draft day. We take James to pair with Evans and continue to help the defensive side of the ball. With the pass rushers Smith was gifted and James in the first round, he has no excuse this year. The Bucs now have two athletic hard hitting safeties patrolling the field. Exciting duo for years to come.

*Prime trade down position. Allen is still on the board and someone would pay a high ransom. If I’m Licht I trade back, but not to far, I still want James.

8. Chicago Bears: LB – Roquan Smith – Georgia

Roquan is a day one impact player. He’s all over the field, flies to the ball and tackles with excellent form. He can captain the defense as they rework the unit back into shape. Crazy good pick for the Bears at 8.

9. San Francisco 49ers: CB – Denzel Ward – Oh State

In this league, stopping the pass is crucial. Bringing in Denzel Ward improves the 49ers pass defense..  Yes, they brought in Richard Sherman, but he isn’t going to be around for a long time.  Ward is an impact player in a pretty deep corner back class.

10. Oakland Raiders: LB – Trumaine Edmunds – Virginia Tech

This one is a tough one. You would think Gruden would make the smart move and help his defense by giving them Edmunds, but with the moves he has made this offseason, who knows. Don’t need to say much about Edmunds either, stud football player with size speed and strength. Dude is a beast, not as polished as Roquan, but man is he physical and violent.

11. Miami Dolphins: DT – Vita Vea – Washington

The void left by Suh is now filled quite adequately. Vea could go top ten in this class, but with so many quarterbacks, he wont fall out of the top 15. A space eater that can rush the passer really well. Solid all around defensivetackle who solidifies the middle of the defensive line for years to come.

*They could go Josh Allen. Why? Because its the Dolphins.

12. Buffalo Bills: QB – Lamar Jackson – Lousiville

Clearly in the market for a QB, Lamar Jackson is the guy. Like Mayfield, he can create with his legs just as well as throwing the ball. This is the upgraded version of Tyrod Taylor. The former Cardinal standout is a well rounded prospect. What more exciting is that he can get better. No position change needed for this kid, play QB and have a career Lamar.

13. Washington Redskins: S – Minkah Fitzpatrick – Alabama

Cravens is gone and safety is a clear need. With the way this draft has fallen so far, the Redskins get a steal in a safety who can do it all. there is also rumors that they could be interested in Guice at this spot. Would seem strange for them to spend this high of a pick on a running back with Chris Thompson and Samaje Perine on the roster, but who knows.

*Another good spot to trade down, Allen is still on the board and some team is getting antsy about Brock Osweiler Jr. Why not take a couple picks from someone?

14. Green Bay Packers: CB – Jaire Alexander – Louiseville


In this league, stopping the pass is crucial. Bringing in Alexander improves the Packers pass defense.  They traded away one of their young corners in Damarious Randall. They can’t be comfortable with Kevin King, Davon House and Tramon Williams as the trio of corners.

15. Arizona Cardinals: QB – Josh Allen – Wyoming

Allen slide stops here. I don’t believe in Allen at all, but some quarterback hungry team will jump at the chance to take him because he is big, strong and “looks like” what you want a QB. We will see how he pans out, but I’m not very optimistic.

16. Baltimore Ravens: LB – Harold Landry – Boston College

The Ravens pass rush is beginning to age. It doesn’t seem like a need at first glance, but Landry is a talented player to hard to pass up. Imagine what he can learn from Suggs? He could hold down the pass rush for the next decade.

17. Los Angeles Chargers: DT – Da’ron Payne – Alabama

I personally like Taven Bryan more than Payne, but boy is Payne a space eater. He can lock down the middle of that defense for a team that gave up the second most rushing yards per game. Liuget is suspended for four games at the beginning of the season. To open the season they play the Chiefs, Bills and Rams. All teams with good rushing attacks.

*This is a surprise team I believe could be in play for a quarterback. I don’t know that they have the capital that other teams have though.

18. Seattle Seahawks: DE – Marcus Davenport – UTSA

You could make the argument for Josh Jackson, but I think they believe in Shaquille Griffin. You could also say Will Hernandez, but with Davenport on the board they run to the podium. The replacement for Michael Bennett is found. Davenport has a higher ceiling than Chubb. Powerful and fast, its a big upgrade to the defense for Pete Carrol.

19. Dallas Cowboys: WR – Calvin Ridley – Alabama

With the signing of Hurns, the Cowboys now have a red zone target. They now elect to take a reciever who is a threat to break a slant every single time. Ridley is fast and has run the full route tree according to most scouts. Hurns is half the puzzle, Ridley goes a long way towards improving the 26th ranked passing offense.

20. Detroit Lions: RB – Derrius Guice – LSU

The Lions haven’t had a rusher eclipse the 100 yard mark since Nov 28th, 2013. That and Abdullah constantly being injured, puts a ton of pressure on Stafford to throw the ball with a high success rate or the Lions lose. Guice is arguably the top RB prospect in this draft (Not to me, but some people believe so). His physical running style will give the Lions an immediate boost to an offense that throws the ball well.

21. Cincinatti Bengals: OT – Mike Mcglinchey – Notre Dame

Whitworth is gone and while Josh Jackson is one the board, they need a franchise LT. They did trade for Cordy Glenn this offseason, but Glenn was less than stellar last season grading out as “less than average” according to PFF. I don’t think very highly of Mcglinchey myself, he looks very stiff when he plays, but he does have solid technique. In my opinion, a quick athletic DE will give him fits, but according to most, he is the best T available this draft. Protect the red rocket and give him a chance to get to the playoffs. I would also like to see the Bengals extend Marvin Lewis again mid draft. Teams are clamoring over him, better safe than sorry.

* Hernandez, Wynn, Ragnow and Daniels all in play. They need OL.

22. Buffalo Bills: LB – Leighton Vander Esch – Boise St

The Bills could use a talent like Vander Esch to patrol the middle of the field.  He peaked at the perfect time with four sacks, two picks and four forced fumbles all coming in his junior year. The question is not talent, but health. Can he stay healthy long enough during the season to provide the Bills with the boost they need? In this mock, they take what they hope to be the field generals on either side of the ball for the next decade.

23. New England Patriots: QB – Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma St

Is this shocking? Serious question. I feel like its not, of course we aren’t doing trades in this draft, but this QB class is stacked. I like Rudolph as a prospect, he is quite underrated in my opinion. Brady isn’t going be here very long. Draft his successor. You have an extra first round pick. Josh Jackson is an option, but letting Rudolph sit behind Brady for a few years is way to tempting.

24. Carolina Panthers: CB – Josh Jackson – Iowa

Boy do the Panthers need help at corner. Josh Jackson falls right into their laps and gives them the size and physicality to keep up with the NFC south and its huge receivers. The NFC south is arrayed with the the top to bottom best quarterbacks and best wide receivers. You need corner backs if you want to succeed in the NFC south.

25. Tennessee Titans: LB – Rashaan Evans – Alabama

Many teams this draft are looking for their leaders on defense. The Titans are eager to give that chance to Rashaan Evans. The Titans also need a pass rusher, Josh Sweat has been flying up draft boards, could the Titans reach for him?

* Maybe Josh Sweat?

26. Atlanta Falcons: DT – Taven Bryan – Florida

Bryan is the second best defensive tackle in this draft behind Vita Vea. If you haven’t seen the draft profile I did on him, check it out.  With Dontari Poe departing via free agency, the Falcons look to fill that spot next to Grady Jarrett inside. Taven Bryan is one of my favorite players in this draft. He makes an instant impact to the Falcons already talented front 7.

27. New Orleans Saints: OG – Will Hernandez – UTEP

I don’t think guard is a need for the Saints, but It would be a stretch to me to go TE. Most analysts have them going TE. I think they make the rushing offense better(is that even possible?). Hernandez is the best player available at this point in this specific mock draft.

* Maybe Mike Gesicki or Hayden Hurst?

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: S – Justin Reid – Stanford

I love this kid. I was watching some brief tape on some of the safeties the other day and Reid jumps off the screen. He is fast, athletic and very physical. I really think its tight between him and Minkah for best safety this draft and its closer than most people think. The whole Steelers secondary is aging, they get younger here.

* Probably not happening, but I would love to see Reid go here.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: WR – Courtland Sutton – SMU

With the loss of Allen Robinson in free agency, the Jaguars could use a red zone target. Coughlin had a few big receivers in his days in New York with Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. Courtland can high point the ball extremely well and has shown the ability to use his height to box out and go get the ball.

* Could very easily see a flip flop between this and the Cowboys WR pick. Cowboys need to replace the size of Dez.

30. Minnesota Vikings: OG – Isaiah Wynn – Georgia

The Vikings need help along the offensive line. Tom Compton and Nick Easton are the highest on the depth chart right now. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason, Mike Remmers and Riley Reiff are the tackles. Its either Wynn or Kolton Miller here, but Wynn is the better prospect

31. New England Patriots: CB – Mike Hughes – UCF

The aggressive physical corner is a help the the Patriots aging secondary. Rowe played good in spots last year, but with Gilmore not being exactly what the Patriots hopes for, they choose to draft a corner.

* Could opt for the fast rising Isaiah Oliver

32. Philadelphia Eagles: OT – Kolton Miller – UCLA

Jason Peters isn’t getting any younger. Kolton is a solid player, but I don’t think he starts at left tackle day one. If the Eagles can help get his technique better, it will go a long way, but I think Kolton is pretty raw as a prospect.


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