ATB 2018 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Profile: Will Hernandez

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If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can snag one of the “Big Three” in the first round, then they could possibly go with a guard in the mid rounds. 


Eyeing my next draft prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft, I wanted to see what UTEP Guard Will Hernandez could bring to the table.

Hernandez, a 6’2, 348lb offensive lineman, is considered one of the top tier offensive guards in the entire draft behind the likes of Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson and Georgia’s Isaiah Wynn. Guys who can play along the offensive line, which is a strength of Hernandez’s, could fit the build for an early day two pick for the Bucs.

According to NFL Draft Scout, they have Hernandez ranked among the top 25 players at of the Draft at number 23, which is outstanding coming from a lower tier divsion one school like UTEP. Interestingly enough, NFL Draft Scout has even said that Hernandez could be a plug and play old school type of player who could make an impact on an offensive line. This has been known as a sore spot for the Buccaneers during the past few seasons.

If the Bucs do miss out on an offensive lineman with the 7th pick in next week’s NFL draft, I would said Hernandez could be on the Bucs’ radar for Rd two or possibly a trade back into the 2rd round or early 3rd.

Overall, Hernandez is a very good player who will do well in the league.


Thick build & carries his weight well for a man of his size.
A high-grade run blocker.
Hernandez was praised by one of his former coaches, who is now the Denver Broncos OL coach


Aggressive, but has calm down his mean streak.
Only played left guard at UTEP so he really doesn’t have that positional versatility.

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