ICYMI: Mike Evans donates 10k to a childhood friend.

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Mike Evans of the Buccaneers announced that he has donated ten thousand dollars to a childhood friend who accidentally got shot in the head with a gun in Houston.

“Devyn Holmes”, went to middle and high school with Mike. Apparently he was recording a live Facebook Video with two other people in a parked car, when authorities say he was  shot in the head from a woman playing with a gun. I guess you can call it an “accident” …

The young man remains in stable condition. Meanwhile the suspect, “Cassandra Damper”, has been charged with aggravated assault, in result to reckless serious bodily injury and tampering with scene evidence.

As Mike Evans stated before that he wants to help people around this world, Evans’ donation was the largest made to a GoFundMe campaign set up to help with Holmes’ medical costs and future care, VIA/ Greg Auman, Tampa Bay Times.

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