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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers addressed the defensive line in free agency.

Adding Jason Pierre Paul, Beau Allen, and Mitch Unrein to the defensive line should allow the Buccaneers to see some sort of improvement in 2018. Especially in the run game. With that said, the Buccaneers haven’t shown signs of being content to leave the line alone.

On April 5th, the Buccaneers brought in Taven Bryan. The Defensive tackle from Florida tallied four sacks in 2017 and six tackles for a loss. His stats from his college years don’t jump off the screen, but it would be a mistake to assume stats tell the whole story.

Point of Attack

Taven displays the ability to get off the ball quickly. This is the attribute we all love so much in Gerald Mccoy. Here he slides left, right before the snap, and is in the backfield before the guard can even get set to block him. That kind of quickness is rare in defensive tackles. Guys that have that type of get off are unique and coveted.

More speed from the big fella here. Forces the under thrown ball, incredibly quick to get into the backfield and the guard had no chance.


Bryan also makes great use of his hands. When making initial contact with the blocker, he pushes back and then using the leverage he gains, he moves the blocker to his right, using his hands. He then slides his hands back across to the left over the helmet to finish pushing the guard further away. Well executed push-pull move.



Here you see Taven engage the guard and instantly feel the guard lean towards him. Bryan recognizes he has to keep the guard at arms length until the guard’s center of gravity shifts forward. As soon as the guard shifts his weight over his knees, Bryan tosses him to the side. Poor guard play of course, but the recognition by the former Gator is important as well.


While keeping the guard on his heels, he pushes him all the way back into the quarterback and still has the strength to bring down the quarterback with one arm. I believe we have seen this type of play from someone before?

The more film I watched on this guy, the more I thought to myself, “man, he sure does look like Mccoy”. I didn’t want to make the comparison, but the more you watch his game, the more you can’t help but notice the similarities. I won’t compare their combine stats, but have a look for yourself and let your mind be blown.

The Buccaneers obviously showed interest in him by bringing him in for a visit, but with the way I expect the draft to fall, I don’t believe Taven will be a Buc. There is a scenario or two in which the Bucs end up with enough picks to use one on Taven Bryan in the early second, but even then, I think the Bucs have more pressing needs. Time will tell, but if he somehow ends up in pewter and red, I believe the Buccaneers will be very happy with his play on the field.

Projection: Late 1st – Early 2nd.

I would be surprised to see Bryan last until the Bucs second round pick. There is a ton to like about him and he is a starter from day one. I think you could make an argument he is a top 15 player in the draft.

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