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NFL Draft season is among us, folks. Evaluations are in full swing, comparisons, mock drafts are always coming out each day. But we will be going in-depth on a specific player named Maurice Hurst from Michigan.


Hurst is not your typical defensive tackle. He is on the smaller side too. The senior from Michigan stands at 6’2, 292 lbs. Additionally, Hurst is a serviceable run-defender; he is dominant.  is graded as the #1 DT overall on PFF and I am sure on many team’s draft boards.


It’s said in the football world that the low man wins in attack and especially at the line of scrimmage. For some smaller but productive defensive tackles, the lack of height can lead to a leverage advantage on pass plays, as it’s difficult for a blocker to reach, attempting to grab and control their man’s chest plate if they are too low and moving too quickly for the blocker to reach.


“When Gerald McCoy was coming out of Oklahoma, the book on him was somewhat similar to Hurst’s. McCoy didn’t weigh over 300 pounds like his draft classmate Ndamukong Suh, but he consistently won with quickness and athleticism on the field. Hurst is close to 6-foot-2 and weighs 280 pounds, which is noticeably smaller than McCoy’s 6-foot-4, 295-pound frame coming into the NFL” – PFF on comparing smaller DTs entering the draft.

Michigan DL Maurice Hurst has been a jaw-dropping, disruptive Defensive Lineman this last season. A huge part of that is due to his size and athleticism. He plays with a motor too. Hurst is really good at knocking away early punch attempts by creating a balance advantage over his defender. Fast hands.

He has light feet which helps him move quickly from gap to gap; challenging slow-footed offensive linemen. Due to his frame, he can slide through smaller gaps and collapse the pocket. There has been times where he could’ve had some missed plays, but experience will overcome that.




Hurst didn’t have the most flashiest stats but was really productive in the College Football Level. He recorded 4.5 sacks in 2016 also.

G Solo Assisted Total Total/G
13 26 35 61 4.69
Tackles For Loss
13 14.5 48 1.12
G Sacks Sack Yards Sacks/G
13 5.0 31 0.39
Misc. Defense
G Passes Broken Up QB Hurries Fumbles Forced Kicks/Punts Blocked
13 2 3 1 1


Hurst has the capabilities to become the next “Aaron Donald” or “Gerald McCoy”. Their skill traits are VERY similar too.

“We all want 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 guys,” Hurst said. “But in reality, the 6-foot-1, 6-foot-2 guys are the ones going to the Pro Bowls. That’s the way the game’s going.”

Its true. Guys like Geno Atkins, Aaron Donald, Jurrell Casey, (6’1 DTs) are initially dominant defensive tackles due to their size, quickness and athleticism. He does not have flashy stats which is why he does not get nation recognition enough. Right now, all we are hearing about is Vita Vea & Da’Ron Payne, when Hurst should be the other player to look at.


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